17 Stimulus Package (CARES act) Resources

You likely have questions regarding the stimulus package (CARES act), passed late last week, and how it affects your family and/or your business. We are hearing from many clients, friends, and family about the overwhelming details coming out of this bill. The measures enacted to date are evolving in regards to implementation. We are continuing to monitor ways in which you can act now in order to protect yourself and those around you financially.

The deadlines to FILE and PAY federal income taxes are extended to July 15, 2020. — IRS.gov

Click for a list of States Responses to COVID-19

Many banks are offering assistance to their customers at this time, please contact them for further details (the sooner the better).


Directy Payment for 2020 Tax Credit Advance: Direct Payments To Americans Calculator

Unemployment: Check Eligibility by State for Unemployment Benefits

Student Loans: Deferral & Forgiveness of Student Loans

Retirement: RMDs & Early Withdrawal Penalties

Charity: Incentives to Donate

Scammers: Beware of Scammers and Hoaxes

Small Business and 501(c)(3):

Employment: Payroll Protection Program (PPP): through your FDIC-insured bank or via SBA Lender Match (contact your bank for information on timing and availability ASAP)

Employment: Payroll Tax Deferral

Loans: SBA Loan Application Link (up to $10k) – Economic Injury Advance

Loans: SBA Loans – Misc Disaster Relief

Paid Leave: Sick & Family Leave Guidance

Taxes: Tax Implications

Making the Most of Together Time:

It looks as though we may be getting a 4th wave of stimulus in April.  We will keep you informed as things continue to evolve.

If you are a current client and need assistance, please contact your account CFO for guidance.  If you are not a current client but are in need of assistance, please connect with us at peggy@yourcfotogo.com or signup at the link above for continual updates.

We value each of you and are wishing you safety and peace of mind in this time of uncertainty.

— Peggy Atwood

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