Accounting for Charter Schools

Because Your CFO to Go is a passionate supporter of the charter school movement and has been working with clients in this industry for decades, our CPAs can offer focused expertise in addressing charter schools’ unique accounting needs.

With our proven experience combined with our personalized solutions and business advice, our team can improve the financial and operational performance of charter schools no matter what stage they are in– start-up, growth, or replication. This means we can work with both pre-opening single site clients and established, multi-site ones.

Adding Value Through Advisory Services

Because we are intimately familiar with how charter schools operate, we can provide expert guidance on the best practices that are critical to its success. Compared to general-purpose accountants, our team can adequately provide specialized services such as Pre-Charter Advisory and Board & Committee Relations.

Monitor Your Charter School’s Performance

Just like any other type of organization, charter schools also have to comply with compliance rules and reporting requirements.

As your dedicated accountant, we can submit a budget and actuals report about your charter school’s financial health to chartering authorities – both local and state in the specific formatting required by each. Also, we can monitor your performance by analyzing actual revenues and expenses and comparing them to your budget for the year.

Through our ongoing monitoring services, we can ensure that your operational results are on par with or better than the board and leadership’s expectations and your funds and assets are safeguarded.

Grants and Donation Tracking for Your Compliance

When operating a charter school, it is important for grants, donations, and state funding to be recognized and accounted for separately because of the statutory requirements surrounding these revenue types. One of the services we can offer is donation tracking, which also involves ensuring that all donations are acknowledged with a donation acknowledgment letter.  We also measure grant spending against grant funding requirements and present the required reporting. Nothing is more important than encouraging your grantors to continue supporting the important work you offer to the students and to the community.

By partnering with us, you can have peace of mind that your charter school complies with generally accepted accounting principles and compliance regulations.

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"Coming from a region where everything was managed in-house, this has been a very refreshing experience for me. Their ability to scale with our growth has been a tremendous help. Our finance committee also appreciates the level of commitment to providing quality services and flexibility. Given the level of expertise their business has with school finances, I am happy to recommend their services."

Anika Baltimore

Director of Finance


"YourCFOtoGo is always responsive to emergent requests and issues, as they arise. Our business model is increasing in complexity with each passing year and YourCFOtoGo continues to provide us expert counsel and high quality service in helping us navigate that complexity."

Charlie Williams

Director of Finance and Operations

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