Accounting for Music & Media Businesses

Your CFO to Go team shares your passion for the music and media industry.

As one of the leading specialist accounting firms for this sector, a significant part of our accounting practice is devoted to individuals and businesses in the music and media space.

Beyond our general bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and CFO services, we also offer a wealth of specialist services and tools that will address your unique business needs.

Strategic Advisory Services

With over 40 years of experience in working with music and media businesses, we have gained an in-depth understanding of your industry and learned the ins and outs of running a successful business in this sector. We can work closely with your business’ senior management and lawyers to share our insights and expert advice on contracts, intellectual property rights, tax planning, and all other commercial matters.

Manage Unique Cashflow Needs

Cashflow is a critical aspect of smooth business operations.

However, operating in the music and media industry involves being faced with cashflow challenges that are specific to your type of business. Unlike general accounting firms, our team of dedicated CPAs knows how to deal with project budgets, artist advances, and project development tracking which involves budgeting, cashflow, and recoupment.

Accurate Event Tracking and Analysis

We can perform cashflow management specific to events and help you discover your most profitable events so you can use these insights in your future planning and strategy.

At Your CFO to Go, we can help you strike the right balance between pursuing your passion and making a profit. By analyzing project profitability and performing budget vs. actual analysis, you will be able to understand the “why” behind each project’s success or failure.

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What Our Clients Say


"I have worked with the associates of YourCFOtoGo for years and they play a crucial role in the success of our company and I strongly recommend them for any organization in need of cutting edge financial services that will exceed expectations."

Barry Jennings



"YourCFOtoGo has supported our back office functions since 2000 and I highly recommend this team. Their work on financial modeling and reporting has been instrumental in laying a solid and firm foundation in our ability to run a profitable business."

Joey Elwood


Primary Wave

“I have worked with CFO Business Strategies for many years. Their ability to understand our business needs, develop successful strategies and financial planning have made them crucial members of our team. They continue to partner with us to address our immediate goals, as well as our long-term priorities.”

Paul Sizelove, Primary Wave

President of GMG, LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary, Primary Wave)

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